1. What time should I arrive for class?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class begins. Due to safety reasons, if you arrive 15 minutes after class has begun, you will not be allowed to participate. It is important to have a proper warm-up in order to prevent injury.

2. Do I have to complete the waiver form?

All participants must complete the client waiver and information form to enter the studio for any reason. No exceptions.

3. Can I watch a class before I book?

Divas & Dolls Fitness does not allow spectators for the safety and comfort of our students. In order to experience our classes, you must register and pay for class.

4. Do you have a special that allows you to try classes before you purchase a membership?

Yes. We have a new client introductory offer that allows new clients to try us for one month.Click Here to Sign-up!

5. Are your classes beginner friendly?

Yes. All of our classes are great for all fitness levels. Our instructors love beginners and offer modifications to all movements performed in class.

6. I am pregnant, can I still participate?

You may participate in our classes with written authorization from your doctor. For safety reasons, your participation should be evaluated on your monthly doctor visits. 

7. How do I register for a class?

You may register for class through our online system by clicking HERE. We also accept walk-ins but cannot guarantee you a space if you do not pre-register ahead of class time.

8. I have a voucher, how do I register for a class?
If you have voucher, email us your name, email address, phone number and voucher number at You can view our most current schedule by clicking HERE. We will create your account, add your class credits and email you once you can login and register. You may also drop-in but we cannot guarantee you a space if you do not pre-register ahead of class time.


1. What should I wear to pole class?

Please wear a t-shirt, tank top or sports bra, shorts or capris. The more skin the better! For shoes, you can wear sneakers,  heels (with an ankle strap) or go barefoot. We also rent shoes for $10/hour. Knee pads are suggested for our pole and choreography classes and can be purchased or rented at the studio.

For your safety and others, please DO NOT WEAR any jewelry, soaps, oils or lotions to pole class. Jewelry gets stuck on clothing and the pole. Soaps, oils and lotions make the skin slippery and are hazardous when trying to execute different movements in class.

2. What should I wear for chair flair, lap dance, and twerk?

You can wear a t-shirt, tank top or sports bra. Leggings, capris or shorts are good for bottoms. For shoes, you may wear sneakers, heels (with an ankle strap) or go barefoot. Knee pads are recommended for these classes and can be purchased at the studio. (Yoga mats cannot be used to provide cushion for your knees during class as they become a safety hazard when performing routines.)

3. I have no upper body strength, should I try pole dancing?

Absolutely! All great pole dancers start somewhere and that's usually at the bottom of the pole! Our pole classes are designed to help you build upper body strength as you progress through the different levels. You will be amazed at what you can do and just a few short weeks. 

4. I am out of shape, should I try pole dancing?

Pole dancing classes are designed to help you get in shape. Starting from the beginner level will give you the foundation you need to progress, becoming stronger and healthier.

5. I have taken pole at another studio, can I skip Pole 1?

All studios do not follow the same curriculum and it is recommended that you start with pole 1 to ensure you have mastered our introductory level class before moving on. However, if you feel that your skill-set exceeds the beginner level classes, you may take our student assessment to determine which class is most appropriate for your current pole skill level. Assessments are only given by appointment Monday-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Please call 888-350-7776 or email to be scheduled for your assessment. If you arrive after class has already begun, you must join the beginner class until an assessment can be performed.

6. I'm really nervous about dancing in front of people, do you offer private lessons?

It's understandable to be nervous about trying pole dance or exotic aerobics for the first time. Our instructors are patient, caring and will help you Explore Your Inner Diva! To sign-up for private lessons, please call us at 888-350-7776 or email us at